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Sa Finca

Sa Finca is on the top of one of the hills in Siesta, a residential area very close to Santa Eulalia, a village that still retains its charm. From our terraces enjoy the view over the Santa Eulalia bay and the Ibizan countryside.


Grilled Exotic Meats

Sa Finca is the only restaurant on the island to have exotic meats on the menu, try the intense flavour of buffalo, top quality red meat slightly stronger than beef, Crocodile meat with a much milder and difficult to describe flavour, could be the missing link between fish and chicken, or the light taste of kangaroo, Do you dare to try theses new gastronomic experiences?.


Celebrate at Sa Finca

Your Party or Event

Are you thinking of organising an event? Book the restaurant just for you. Should it be a corporate event, a wedding, an anniversary or any other excuse to spend some special time with your family and friends. And if you prefer we go wherever you want…


Sa Finca Restaurant & Catering

The Restaurant opens

Dinner from 7pm to 11pm

Tuesday – Sunday


Sa Finca

Find us at

Calle Las Gorgonias, 7
Santa Eulària des Riu – 07840

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+34 971 330 638

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