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Special Sa Finca flavours

At Sa Finca we use the best raw materials and the best ingredients to prepare the best dishes. As an appetizer we suggest the Salmon, smoked at Sa Finca, using beech and oak wood. Our specialty are Exotic Meats, flavours that will surely captivate you, the delicacy of crocodile, the light hunting taste of kangaroo or the intense flavour of buffalo. Accompany ostrich or buffalo with a Pommard wine and kangaroo or reindeer with a full-bodied wine, such as Puech Haut. True to our Belgian roots, try the Moules Frites with French fries and a sauce of your choice or the Beef Tenderloin, prepared with authentic Chimay beer. Do not forget to leave room for dessert, enjoy our menu of homemade desserts, something sweet to end a magical evening. Pair your dinner with the excellent wines we have this season for you, wines from Ibiza, Spanish wines from the best denominations of origin and excellent French wines. View the full Menu.

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